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Navy Strength Rum, 750ml

Navy Strength Rum, 750ml

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Tasting Panel scores J.J. Pfister's Navy Strength Rum at 95 points.

True to the style, Navy Strength Rum is made from organic blackstrap molasses offering the most intense molasses flavor possible. After aging in charred new American oak barrels to impart hints of vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon, we mellow JJ's Rum a few additional months in used wine casks and then bottle at 114 proof.

CCOF Certified Organic

Tasting Notes

Navy Strength Rum offers a bevy of aromatic notes including Honeysuckle, bread pudding, and dulce de leche. And then delivers tasting notes from Butterscotch and crème brulee, to roasted pineapple and vanilla, cinnamon to cloves - completing a complex yet flavorful experience.

The Specifics

In the eighteenth century, Rum was the reward of choice for British sailors on the high ocean. At that time, Rum was bottled at a much higher proof so that it could be stored with the ship’s ammunition reserves. As a result, the Rum, at 57% alcohol, came to be known as Navy Strength Rum. Thus the name of J.J. Pfister’s classic spirit.


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